Cloud Migration amid a Global Pandemic

By Tim Schick (EAMC Consultant)

We finally made it to December and are nearing the end of a trying year for everyone. Fortunately, things seem to be looking up for the year 2021 with the recent announcements of vaccine breakthroughs. This year’s pandemic did drive a lot more demand for cloud migration and I believe that the trend will continue through 2027 and into the near future. 

Based on some key research performed by Opinion Matters there are still some major concerns for companies that are either preventing or delaying their migration to the cloud. 

One of the major findings was that three fourths of organizations worry that the cloud instance may not meet their specific cost and/or performance needs. Infor currently has around 68 million cloud users and that number is growing all the time. They also offer some of their cloud suite solutions as either a single tenant or multi-tenant, with the multi-tenant option offering lower operational costs since the shared infrastructure reduces ownership costs without compromising security. Infor is also partnered with Amazon Web Services, a global hosting leader, that brings world class security as well as amazing availability, 99.9815%. To explore additional benefits to cloud migration read Infor’s, “9 reasons to move Asset Management to the cloud”. 

The study also found that 80% of organizations have either delayed or halted migrating to the cloud due to lack of resources. EAM Consulting Inc is a full-service provider for every aspect of the project implementation lifecycle. As an Infor partner, we will work for the customer but work as a key point of contact with Infor during the entire migration process of the cloud implementation. EAM Consulting Inc will assist in the identification and documentation of the high level requirements as well as the key business data structures, integration points, and facilitate testing throughout the process to ensure data integrity is maintained. We can assist in the training of end users and provide Go-live support to ensure the system adoption and usability and help to reduce risk and improve the time to value of the migration. 

All things considered, although there are still concerns preventing organizations from migrating to the cloud, these concerns can be identified, addressed and overcome utilizing the right resources. Wishing everyone a safe, successful 2021.