EAM Services

EAM Consulting Inc is a strategic asset management consultancy and full-service EAM Implementer. The experience that our team brings to a client spans from the conception of the need for asset management, to the engagement of the workforce in process design and policy development, to the determination of the EAM solution best fit. EAMC implementation services include solution design, data modeling, configuration, integration, testing, training, cutover and post-project support.

System Implementation

System Implementation is more than installing a multitude of applications. The EAMC team works with you to assist in the determination of the best system to install, what parts need to be installed, and how to best configure it based on the companies business needs, processes and policies. We then perform the actual installation and configuration to meet those needs. Our team provides the expertise in all aspects related to the system implementation process.

Our process merges necessary skill sets required to fully implement any EAM solution, while specializing in the Infor EAM suite of applications. The EAM Consulting team brings over 200+ year of combined experience in defining solutions to be utilized to meet the breadth of a client’s needs, and to translate those needs into actionable processes within the solution set.

Integration, Deployment & Data Conversion

As part of the Services that EAMC brings for System Implementation, we convert your legacy data, develop a fully integration solution around that meets your asset management policies and procedures, and then deploy the solution to your end-users. The EAM Consulting Inc team are experts in understanding and breaking down legacy data structures to align them with the business processes outlined in designs workshops, and preparation of the data for acceptance into the new system.

The integration of your data and the new solution with existing legacy applications are critical and vital to your business. Our team develops integrations and allows the system of record to maintain the data and to share all necessary information to allow for meaningful and intelligent decisions. Deploying this integrated solution is the final step in ensuring the process designed is functional and acceptable to all users. EAMC will deploy the designed solution across the identified environments and ensure the successful migration of data, interaction with integrations developed, and acceptance of the data transformations for a smooth transition.

Core Services

We incorporate several key factors to ensure successful Program Management for our clients. Our Project Management team supports all of our field staff and clients through our internal processes that we expand out to our clients. It is important to fully understand the needs of the clients and the goal of the project. These key factors will help ensure the success of every program that our team is involved with:

· Change Management: We follow the principles of Management of Change (MOC) as a best practice to ensure that safety, health, and environmental risks and hazards are properly controlled when an organization makes changes to their facilities, operations, or personnel. Having a properly implemented MOC policy in place when implementing changes can help ensure that new hazards aren’t introduced, and the risk levels of existing hazards aren’t being increased.

· Define the Control Processes.

· Establish Project Governance.

· Point out the Particularities of the Program.

· Define a Suitable Work Breakdown Structure.

· Define the Interface between the Projects.

· Establish an Early-Warning Process to understand issues and resolution.

We provide strategic support in defining IT budget, IT policy & IT vision, recommend best practices to ensure the smooth running of IT services, gap analysis and evaluation of technology plans, business applications, business continuity processes, program plans and execution.

We provide strategic support in defining IT budget, IT policy & IT vision, recommend best practices to ensure the smooth running of IT services, gap analysis and evaluation of technology plans, business applications, business continuity processes, program plans and execution.

Our consultants have experience in implementing various mobile solutions:

· Infor EAM Mobile

· Infor EAM Mobile for specific industries

· 3rd Party Mobile Offerings –

Implementation of a Mobility solution has many advantages for asset management, inventory control, and operator inspections. There are many choices on the market today. We have the expertise to help assist you in your selection and implementation of your mobile solution supporting Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows operating systems

Our consultants have in-depth capabilities in designing, developing, implementing, and supporting complex system integrations between Infor EAM and other applications.


o ESRI ArcGIS: We support a variety of integrations in this field that let you understand assets in real-time, whether they’re moving or stationary. Gain full visibility of your operations to improve service, safety, and reliability.

· BIM: We have extensive experience in supporting BIM to meet the lifecycle of a facility or any operations. BIM services support the foundation for a total Digital Twin Environment.

o BIM Execution Plans (BEP) to ensure your BIM and COBie data requirement are met.

o BIM Modeling to support a Record Model to meet BIM for FM/Operational needs.

o Complete support for ISO 19650.

o Providing asset lifecycle support to meet ISO 55000 standards.

o Complete support for a Digital Twin environment for the Enterprise.


· Oracle

· PeopleSoft

· Other Applications

We have the experience and knowledge to test, evaluate, and analyze your organization’s assets, systems, preventative maintenance strategies, or protocols. We then work with stakeholders to develop and recommend solutions that help your organization meet its goals.

· Asset maturity assessments

· Maintenance assessments

· RCM – Reliability Centered Maintenance: Controlling risk is a great area of concern for asset-intensive organizations. For these types of organizations, the cost of failure has the potential to be disastrous. Having the right risk management solution in place helps your team plan for the worst.

· Supply Change Management: While yesterday’s supply chains were focused on the availability, movement and cost of physical assets, today’s supply chains are about the management of data, services, and products bundled into solutions. Modern supply chain management is about much more than just where and when. Supply Chain Management affects product and service quality, delivery, costs, customer experience, and ultimately, profitability.

· Strategic Assessments: We introduce technology to make better strategic decisions. A growing number of organizations have begun to realize the strategic importance of planning, controlling, and designing a holistic solution.

· Infrastructure assessments

· Overall technical assessments

Infor EAM is a fully integrated asset management platform that uses advanced analytic tools and IoT data to improve operational availability and reduce risk. We implement solutions that enable you to operate high-value physical assets with visibility and control across the enterprise to optimize performance, extend asset life cycles, and reduce operational downtime and costs. With multiple deployment models, you can maintain all asset types no matter where they reside, set up new assets quickly and upgrade software for nonstop uptime, reduced costs and minimized risk.

You can easily raise the worth of your organization with our training services, with offerings to transfer skills and knowledge throughout your use of the EAM Lifecycle. We offer a variety of training options: in-person classes, online materials, facilitated peer groups, and other methods. Layering training into your projects is a best practice approach for successful project sustainment.

Our Project Managers are involved in the entire life cycle of the project from inception to optimization. Our Project Manager provides the project team with leadership and governance on all projects. We incorporate many critical aspects for successful Project Management:

· Communications

· Documentation

· Project Plan

· Team involvement

· Understanding underlying business processes

· Test Planning

o Develop Test Plans and Test Scripts

o UT (Unit Testing): Developers perform the unit test in the development environment.

o SIT (Systems Integration Testing): The technical team works with the functional SMEs and other application teams to ensure end-to-end testing is done.

o UAT (User Acceptance Testing) and BAT (Business Acceptance Testing): The technical team works with the functional SME and application users to ensure end-to-end testing is done.

o Plan and Develop System Cutover: Our Team develops cutover plans for each requirement.

o ST (Smoke Testing): Technical SME with the functional SME ensures that the deployment is complete as expected.

· Change management: Our change management specialists focus on maximizing an organization’s human capital resources and assisting them to facilitate change. We utilize a variety of disciplines, such as project management and process improvement, to help employees accept organizational change.

EAM Consulting Inc has an exceptional track record of achieving desired outcomes for clients implementing EAM solutions in several industries. Our delivery model is steeped in industry expertise, product skills, a proven methodology, and seasoned leadership. We provide comprehensive EAM implementations focused on delivering short-term and long-term value. Our implementation solutions include business process/gap analysis, integration services, data conversion, consulting, training, change management, and system configuration.