HxGN EAM Public Sector CDR

For nearly 20 years, large and small local governments worldwide have improved permitting, code enforcement, business licensing, and related activities with HxGN Public Sector CDR.

Streamline CDR processes

Local governments need efficient community development and regulatory (CDR) processes in both good times and bad. When development activity declines, you’re pressured to increase efficiency, improve cost recovery, and increase revenue from every permit to meet financial targets. It doesn’t get any easier when the local economy starts growing again. When development activity rebounds, you have to keep pace with an increase in permit applications, license requests, and code enforcement activities—all while your budgets and staffing levels are down. And the pressure to meet compliance and enforcement requirements continues to increase, regardless of where you are in the business cycle.

You can meet these challenges by streamlining your processes using an advanced software solution designed specifically to better manage today’s complex CDR requirements.

Do more with less

HxGN Public Sector CDR helps local governments like yours transform CDR processes to meet financial and customer-service targets. For nearly 20 years, large and small local governments worldwide have improved permitting, code enforcement, business licensing, and related activities with HxGN Public Sector CDR.

With HxGN Public Sector CDR, everyone in your organization will have the tools and information they need to increase the service levels for your community development and regulation processes. You’ll manage your CDR requirements more intelligently with a solution that improves communication and collaboration across departments, with vendors, and with the public.

Take an integrated approach

Address all of your CDR requirements with Infor Public Sector CDR’s single integrated, workflow-oriented solution. You can easily configure the solution to streamline your unique CDR business processes. Your employees get easy-to-use tools and they can personalize their individual workflows.

With HxGN Public Sector CDR, you can implement best practices with:

Manage all aspects of land management and permitting with capabilities for:

Planning: Streamline processes for long-term land-use planning, rezoning, subdividing commercial or residential parcels, variances, special uses, major projects, and more.

Projects: Use an integrated, cross-department approach to manage large construction projects, such as subdivisions, shopping malls, or high-rise buildings. Efficiently manage planning, field inspections, tracking and resolving code violations, fee schedules, payment of fees, and other activities.

Building permits: Manage the permitting process for construction, alteration, or repair of commercial and residential structures.

Use permits: Manage permitting for structures, property, and equipment. Manage activities such as parades and produce stands.

Manage all user-defined licenses for businesses and individuals. Track non-trade-related licenses and activities, such as for commercial licensing, equipment, animal, and premises. Adopt a flexible approach for renewal cycles, license-specific billing, fee assessment and collection, and other approval requirements. Test, issue, renew, and collect fees for certifying individuals in construction, architecture, third-party inspection, and other disciplines.

Track and resolve violations of federal, state, or provincial regulations, as well as local ordinances and rules. Streamline processes for inspections, follow-up inspections, hearings, assessing fees, and imposing and collecting fines.

Expand access to billing capabilities beyond utilities and finance departments to include employees in permitting, code enforcement, business licensing, and other departments. Give CDR employees the ability to process payments; send notices and invoices to customers; conduct bill runs; and manage rates, delinquencies, and licenses.

Allow field workers to access information and update back-office CDR components from remote locations.

Provide customers with automated web-based capabilities for reporting problems, filing complaints, paying bills, submitting permit applications, requesting inspections, and submitting license applications.

Give CDR employees of all skill levels access to a powerful spatial-decision support tool, so they can request and use a graphical display for permitting, land management, and code enforcement information.

Use robust security capabilities to establish and manage distinct security practices for individual departments.

Provide better CDR service

Significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your CDR activities with HxGN Public Sector CDR. You’ll streamline processes, and improve collaboration and communications internally and with the public. Make your CDR processes more intelligent with HxGN Public Sector CDR and you will:

• Maximize fee collection and other CDR revenue sources.

• Enhance long-term land-use planning.

• Get more work done with fewer employees and less money.

• Avoid compliance problems.

• Increase customer satisfaction with more efficient delivery of CDR services.

Rebuild a safe and compliant workspace

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This five-step guide helps you understand how to rebuild a safe, productive, and compliant workplace with modern facilities management software.