Logged in User Inbox

Sometimes as an Administrator it is useful to know the number of users logged in or to be able to view who is currently logged into your system. You can follow the steps below to create an Inbox to handle these tasks by querying the R5SESSIONS table and hyperlinking to the User Setup screen.


Fortunately, things seem to be looking up for this year with the ongoing distributions of much needed vaccines. Last year’s pandemic did drive a lot more demand for cloud migration and we believe that the trend will continue through to 2022 and beyond. 

Configuration Vs Customization—How To Tell The Difference, And Which One To Embrace

Most businesses that are in the market for new software want a solution that does exactly what they need it to do. However, the more complex those requirements, the less likely it is that a piece of commercial software will meet those requirements out of the box. In order to get the desired functionality, the software must either be configured, customized, or a combination of both.

Ensuring Community Business Continuity In Times Of Disruption For State And Local Government - Public Sector

  • The impact of a pandemic on government operations

  • Prepare for tomorrow’s recovery

  • How to ensure process continuity

  • Innovative ways to maintain quality of life

Decrease costs and downtime with smart asset management for manufacturing

In this eBook, you’ll discover tips on executing a smart enterprise asset management (EAM) strategy that strikes a data-driven balance between lean execution and maximum equipment uptime.

Infor EAM For Utilities

Your utility agency can achieve the “triple bottom line,” mastering financial and human resource management, environmental performance, and community concerns, with the help of Infor® EAM for Utilities. This powerful asset management and maintenance software can help you manage your equipment, facilities, and vehicle assets from the point of purchase to the point of disposal—while cutting costs and increasing profits.

Unify Asset Management And Workforce Execution

Designed to provide an unmatched user experience, Infor® CloudSuite Workforce Management (WFM) and Infor CloudSuite™ EAM deliver industry-specific capabilities without extensive customizations or integrations by leveraging the Infor cloud platform built on Amazon Web Services® (AWS®) and Infor OS. 

Turn asset management into a competitive advantage

“If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” is often a shortsighted and costly attitude when it comes to making asset maintenance decisions. Today’s asset management solutions need to go beyond their older responsibilities of simply handling work orders; they need to help organizations become predictive instead of reactive.

City Of Greensboro Creates Efficiencies With Infor CloudSuite EAM

The City of Greensboro use Infor CloudSuite EAM to manage 900,000 assets and systems. With a recent upgrade to the cloud, the City has used Infor CloudSuite EAM to enable smooth and seamless information processing, facilitating more timely reimbursements, worth millions of dollars, from the state of North Carolina and the Federal Government. 

What’s new in Infor EAM?

Asset management professionals are expected to provide value beyond just keeping physical assets maintained and running. Infor EAM’s newest version delivers capabilities that help align asset management with your strategic objectives, optimizing your data, getting better analytical insights, and maximizing mobile efficiency. The latest enhancements will impact and improve your business with expanded industry-specific functionality.

10 Steps towards paperless mobile enterprise asset management

More and more industry leaders are maximizing the power of mobile access to enterprise asset management systems to minimize their reliance on hard copy records. The resulting system puts critical information at technicians’ fingertips, while giving management immediate visibility on work processes and bottlenecks.