Logged in User Inbox

Sometimes as an Administrator it is useful to know the number of users logged in or to be able to view who is currently logged into your system. You can follow the steps below to create an Inbox to handle these tasks by querying the R5SESSIONS table and hyperlinking to the User Setup screen. Completed Inbox Fig. 1 and by double clicking on the inbox Fig. 2.

 Fig. 1

Fig. 2.

  1. Navigate to the Query Screen and create the following Query record (Fig. 3)
  • Query code = SESSIONS
  • Query Description = Number of Sessions
  • SQL Statement:

select count(ses_user) from r5sessions

where ses_user in (select usr_code from r5users)

and ses_productid = ‘0’

  • Normal box – Checked
  • Inbox checked.
  • Save the record


Fig. 3.

2. Navigate to the Inbox screen and create the following Inbox record (Fig. 4)

  • Inbox code = SESSIONS
  • Inbox description = Logged in Users
  • SQL Statement = SESSIONS
  • Public box = checked
  • Screen = BSUSER
  • Filter = usr_code in (select ses_user from r5sessions)
  • Dataspy = All Users
  • Save the Record

3. Fig 4